BMW’s Competition Package Adds Power to M6

Not to be outdone by anyone, including themselves, BMW has recently released a “Competition Package” version of their already popular BMW M6. The M6 has already gained the reputation of satisfying many people’s desires for a stylish muscle car that packs a lot of horsepower as well. The original M6 featured 567bhp, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. However, engineers at BMW have paved the way for an even faster BMW M6, which clocks in at a staggering 592bhp.


While some may claim that such an increase is arguably negligible, there is certainly more pep in the Competition Package’s engine. Additionally, BMW added a few other tweaks that slightly enhance the performance of the BMW. On paper, these changes are certainly small, but in practice these tiny changes have formed to create the fastest M6 to date.


Many of these small details, such as an upgrade to 700Nm torque which stays consistent all the way up to 6,000rpm means that the M6, when traveling straight and not turning, feels blisteringly fast. Other enhancements like the ability to accelerate to 124 miles per hour in just under twelve seconds deliver on engineers’ promises to truly make a competitive M6 package. These speeds were previously unheard of for a BMW M6, and such additions, while subtle, go a long way in furthering BMW’s reputation as an innovator in the industry.


Just like the original M6, steering offers three distinct modes of steering, although on the M6 Competition Package, there’s a greater level of feedback when steering. The differential has also been adjusted for better traction and all of these features truly make the BMW M6 a fierce speed machine. For buyers who are really seeking an incredibly fast vehicle, BMW has even included the option for the M Driver’s Package, which removes the electronic limit on the BMW’s speed to 155 miles per hour. For buyers who choose the M Driver’s Package, they’ll see an increase of over thirty miles per hour, as then the M6 boasts a devilish top speed of 189 miles per hour.


While certainly subtle, BMW’s changes to the M6 with its Competition Package certainly add even more verve to a popular entry in the BMW canon. While some buyers may avoid the nearly $11,000 price hike, true speed demons will consider this package the ultimate in BMW performance.