Caring for your BMW: Tips for Maintaining and Protecting Its Value

Caring for your BMW: Tips for Maintaining and Protecting Its Value

If you are planning on buying, or have already invested in a BMW, then the chances are you want to be getting your money’s worth. After all, BMW automobiles are known for their craftsmanship and value, and a less than pristine vehicle to many collectors and hobbyists is nothing short of a travesty. BMWs truly can be built for life, if you’re willing to put in the time, money, and thought to take good car of your BMW. Several tips for protecting your BMW are below, to insure that it retains its value for years to come!

Tires are an important part of any automobile, and BMWs are no exception when it comes to traditional tire maintenance. Especially if you are driving your BMW around, the tires need to be looked into. Whether it is Winter, Spring, or Summer, it’s important to make sure that your car’s tires get rotated. Additionally, it’s important to double check that the air pressure on your BMW’s tires is proper. If the air pressure dips to a lower than ideal amount, it can increase the wear on your car’s tires. Everybody knows that if your car’s tires wear to low, it can mean major problems, so do yourself a favor and be proactive about maintaining good care of your car’s tires.

Exterior Body
Nothing is as impressive as a bright, shiny BMW gleaming on the road or in your driveway. However, even owners of less illustrious motor vehicles know the havoc that inclement weather can wreck on the exterior of their car. Whether it be salt buildup, small scuffs, or even the droppings of birds, a BMW owner needs to know how to keep the shine of their car. Over Winter, it is possible for salt to buildup and leave a nasty, chalky residue on the body of the vehicle. It’s important to wash this out with a quick spray of water, once the weather gets a bit warmer. Make sure to pay special attention to the wheel wells when you’re doing this, as they are most frequently the aspect of the car that is quickest to lose its shine when it comes to salt buildup. As for tiny knicks or scuffs in the windshield or other places on the car’s body, these will also need patching up. It makes sense to handle these issues sooner rather than later, and checking in with your BMW during your post-Winter spraydown may be a convenient time to make sure these problems are handled in a timely manner.

While these two tips only address exterior elements of your BMW, it is important to also remember that the inside counts as well when it comes to maintaining the value of your car. However, the exterior is the first piece of your vehicle to be seen, and has a major wow factor when maintained well. With these easy tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your BMW the way it was when you first purchased it.